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Seasonal Transmutation Suite (2010)


A four-movement cycle depicting the seasonal changes in New York State as seen from both human and technological perspectives at the macro and micro levels with the two often overlapping, interfering and/or complimenting each other. As people’s senses become increasingly augmented by machines at rates previously envisioned only in science fiction stories, this project attempts to encapsulate the experience of viewing the cycle of nature through the current lens of relative technological/biological equilibrium for posterity should our cyborg descendents ever decide to eschew one element in favor of the other in the course of their evolution.


Featured in the 2012 TONY Biennial Exhibition at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY



Included below are the individual movements before they were

assembled into the completed suite along with their descriptions.





I. Drift


Desolate images of an Upstate New York blizzard meshed with television snow resulting from the cessation of analog broadcasting in the United States in 2009; a watershed moment in the drift away from physical media into an era of disembodied data flow. 



II. Data Stream


Processed footage of raindrops landing on the surface of a pond in New York's Central Park coalesce in such a way as to appear analogous to data flowing through a computer system.





III. Regeneration


A multimedia homage to biology in the park with images of flora from the Rochester, NY Lilac Festival weaving in and out of digital distortions as the the organic and the technological elements eventually attain cybernetic equilibrium.




IV. Autumnation


After longing for a return to a more clearly delineated relationship, the close symbiosis between organic and technological elements becomes strained and the two separate violently in an explosion of color but leave open the possibility of the cycle repeating itself all over again.