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Donald Duck for President (2004)


A found footage political satire mockumentary produced while I was a student at Syracuse University during the 2004 U.S. Presidential election between George W. Bush and John Kerry.  At the time it was already thought that the American political system had hit rock bottom, boy were we in for a surprise.


As for the video itself, again, as a student piece it's pretty amateurish and rough, plus I probably should have found somebody (anybody) other than myself to do the voiceover but it's still a fun bit of comic relief from a time when we thought politics couldn't get any worse.  Enjoy!


NOTE:  Due to the large amount of "borrowed" Disney footage used to construct this parody and the rather draconian lengths they go to protect their intellectual property assets despite reasonable claims of Fair Use, in the past I have had considerable difficulty keeping this project online through more commonly used channels such as YouTube and Vimeo which is why I am currently hosting it on Tudou (apologies for the ads and user interface in Mandarin).  Furthermore, since it is an ancient student piece I haven't been overly interested in getting into a legal knock-down-drag-out over it so enjoy it while it lasts!